In its essence, Odovia will always remain a small company that has grown without ever abandoning its fundamental social values: honesty, excellence and altruism.
It is because everyone in the company firmly believes in these values that we are able to overcome any challenge together.

Brieuc de Voghel
President et co-founder

As a former IT teacher specializing in office automation, Brieuc will put his experience to good use to offer you fun, practical content which, we're convinced, is the best way to get to grips with this type of software.
Brieuc has already worked in a wide range of business sectors, and will always be keen to get to the bottom of how you operate.

Corentin Morin
Business Analyst

Corentin is Odovia's Odoo accounting expert. Thanks to his experience in France as an accountant and in charge of training for the accounting system, he will be able to support you with all the necessary pedagogy to help you fully master your future Odoo software. Corentin will be an excellent intermediary between your accountant and your accounting team.

Nicolas Darnis
Business Analyst

Nothing is too complex for Nicolas. He has worked in a wide range of business fields, and is particularly familiar with logistics operations. You can count on his analytical skills and Cartesian mind to pinpoint your needs and mature your processes. He holds a certificate in business analysis from HEC Montréal.

When necessary, we call on trusted advisors to complement our fields of expertise.